20 Jul 2019

(1) Finalist, Best Paper; (2) Paper Accepted at IEEE Cluster; (3) Tutorial Accepted at PEARC'19; (4) Talk at Argonne; (5) Tutorial Accepted at SC'19

Our Gauss Team

Many items are being put out at once (the papers mentioned below are on our PUBLICATIONS page):

  • Mark Van der Merwe (UG REU) along with Vinu Joseph and Ganesh Gopalakrishnan have a paper accepted at HPEC 2019. This paper is a finalist in their Best Student Paper selection.

  • Saeed Taheri has a paper accepted at IEEE Cluster 2019 entitled “DiffTrace: Efficient Whole-Program Trace Analysis and Diffing for Debugging”

  • A half-day tutorial entitled “Tutorial on Floating-Point Analysis Tools” will be presented at PEARC’19 in Chicago by the Utah team on July 30, 2019. See this link.

  • A talk will be given by Ganesh at Argonne on July 29th, 2019 entitled “Keeping Science on Keel when Software Errs or Moves”. See my ACM Distinguished Speaker page for my talks that are being rolled into one.

  • A full-day tutorial entitled “Floating-Point Analysis and Reproducibility Tools for Scientific Software” will be presented at Supercomputing 2019 in Denver on by the Utah team jointly with LLNL and UC Davis on November 17, 2019. See this link.